3 expenses you shouldn’t put on your credit card

3 expenses you shouldn’t put on your credit card

Credit cards can make your life a lot easier in a way. But there are some things that it’s best to avoid. Check out the 3 expenses you shouldn't put on your credit card!

Credit card companies usually offer a lot of incentives for you to use credit cards, and while many rewards are actually pretty good, there are times in which you are better off just using a different payment method.

The smartest thing to do, when it comes to personal finances, is to avoid debt. And credit card debt can pile up really fast and it is one of the most expensive forms of debt you can have, let alone the damage it can cause to your credit score. But even if you have an impeccable credit history, you still might want to avoid putting these charges on your card:

Avoid putting medical bills on your credit card

1. Medical bills

Some health care providers offer a medical credit card for you to pay your bills. Be careful and read the fine print, especially those lines about how and when interest is charged, as they can be quite expensive.

2. Credit card payments

You can’t technically pay your credit card bill using another credit card, but you might have considered taking the cash advance from one card to pay the balance of another card. Bad idea.

For starters, you will just be moving debt from one account to another, both equally expensive. But in case you need more reasons, you also pay a cash advance fee and a higher interest rate than you would with any other purchase. 

Ideally, you should avoid using your credit card as an ATM card as much as you can. 

3. Unsecured online purchases

Every time you shop online, make sure you are on a safe site. This way, you will be more protected against identity theft. For starters, make sure the website you are purchasing from starts with “https” rather than “http”. If that “s” is missing, you shouldn’t provide your card details.

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