Stop paying for your music and your TV!

Stop paying for your music and your TV!

There’s a whole world outside of paid streaming services or cable television. There is also a whole world for you to explore in what matters to music. Do you want to reduce your monthly TV bill to absolutely nothing? Do you want to stop paying for your music streaming services? Check out these free services!


Music can be your best mate on your way to work or to school. You can also listen to your favorite artists with your friends. And who doesn't play some music while cooking and doing household chores? Here’s a list of the greatest ways to get free music and in some cases even have your playlist available whenever you want to listen to it.

1. Listen to radio

There are lots of radio stations to choose from, whether AM or local FMs. If you're a music lover, choose the station that goes with your music taste and you can even listen to it online. Lots of people add their favorite radio to the computer menu, and join their company during working hours. 

2. Download Music for free!

In Noisetrade you’ll find an endless offer of songs. They're categorized in music genres to help you to find your favorites, or you can look for artists or albums as well. There’s even the possibility to download your playlist! By logging in to this platform, you can upload your own music and books in case you're an artist. This way, your creations will also be available for all the other music lovers.

3. Pick up free CD's

You can get free CDs by using Free Target Gift Card and Free Walmart Gift Card. Both retail corporations give you the chance to get this bonus while buying your groceries. Don't miss these opportunities! 

4. Got Amazon Prime?

If you've already got a membership at Amazon Prime, you need to know that you have access to over 2,000,000 songs ad-free every day. You can build your own playlist or you can select them from some premade lists that are suggested. 

5. Ideal for Old-music lovers

Do you like to listen to music like the old days? You don't need to have a record player to reproduce the music with crackles and smooth sound done by the turntable. You can get eBay Free Cards, buy pre-owned record albums, and enjoy the nostalgic melodies you like.


Pluto TV

This service provides streaming channels all day long. While it’s the perfect alternative to cable television, you can also enjoy some of its on-demand catalog, which includes TV shows and movies. You’ll find live news, movie channels, and even cat videos! 


You’ll need to have a library card to gain access to this platform, but you won’t regret it! There are many movies and shows available, but the best part is that they’re commercial-free. However, you should check with your library, as each one sets a monthly streaming limit for its users.

Sony Crackle

This platform is administered by Sony Pictures Entertainment, so you’ll be able to find many of its original series. In addition to them, there’s a good selection of shows and movies, some of which are on an exclusive basis.

PBS and PBS Kids

Here you can search for the PBS channels that you like. Even though there’s no live streaming, many episodes can be found a day after they air, and you can watch them during the following two weeks. PBS Kids works the same way, but offers a big variety of children programs on-demand.


It’s possible to be updated on the weather even without cable TV by using this platform. You’ll find free and reliable forecast on a local, regional, and national scale. 

CBS News

Another problem you can end up with when cutting off your cable television service can be finding a platform to stream the news. This option is often recommended due to its respectable sources, but also because it includes live and anchored news.


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