Why could Costco raise the price of rotisserie chicken?

Why could Costco raise the price of its chicken that has been the same for years?

It wouldn't be surprising if many people pay for Costco membership just to enjoy the dishes the chain sells in their food court, as many of them are very popular. Why could Costco raise the price of rotisserie chicken that has been the same for many years?

One of the most sold items at Costco is its rotisserie chicken and for years it has been a safe option if you are on a budget.  This is because this product does not make a profit for the company and, on the contrary, brings losses. Why could Costco be planning to raise the price of rotisserie chicken?

The chain of membership-only warehouse clubs sells approximately 60 million chickens throughout the year

For years, Costco's chicken price has been only $ 4.99, but lately, there is a rumor that suggests that the price of this famous product will go up because animal welfare groups are demanding that the store use the profit margin of rotisserie chicken to improve the treatment given to chickens on their farms.

In February, the New York Times published an op-ed by columnist Nicholas Kristof, who shared the findings of an undercover investigation carried out at a Nebraska farm where Costco chickens are raised.

Kristof, who was affiliated with the animal rights group Mercy for Animals, reported discovering thousands of chickens living in appalling conditions in confined spaces.

Kristof noted that these conditions are just one aspect of the way suppliers to large supermarkets like Costco and Walmart treat their chickens, for some of them are also fed to grow aggressively and disproportionately.

Reports have suggested that Costco actually sells these chickens at a loss of up to $ 40 million per year because at this price it attracts customers to the stores, and they end up buying other things while they are there.

In June, Costco food courts reopened after more than a year.

Many Costco customers were unhappy with the company's treatment of chickens, in addition to the fact that Costco executives have said that it is very expensive to give chickens at such a low price.

Costco has taken a responsible stance on social issues in the past when products they sell have been the subject of controversy, so a price increase at this time wouldn’t be so unlikely.

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