Why are these foods so expensive? They are disgusting!

These foods are not only off-putting and borderline disgusting, but they are insanely expensive too.

If you think that expensive food equals tasty ingredients… you are far from right. From rotten cheese to cat poop coffee, some foods being sold around the world have very repugnant ingredients. However, prices continue going up… Here are the 5 most expensive foods that are way too disgusting.

1- Cornish pineapple

The most expensive pineapples in the world are grown in Cornwall, and the process is very stomach-churning. The fruits are planted in 4-Inch thick horse manure for two years in heated greenhouses.

Also, they are soaked in horse urine as the main growth and fattening booster before harvesting. Due to their rare nature and allegedly delicious taste, Cornish pineapples cost up to $10,000, making them the most expensive fruits in the world. 

2- Casu marzu (rotten cheese)

Casu Marzu simply means rotten cheese and people are supposed to eat it. It is a traditional Sardinian cheese made from sheep milk. The cheese is preserved beyond the normal time in a dark room that allows flies to land on it and lay eggs. By the time it is eaten, larvae are jumping all over it.

However, the eaters, especially brides, are encouraged to eat it with the maggots as it allegedly boosts fertility. It is also very expensive, reserved mostly for heavy spenders in the Italian black market at an estimated cost of $100 per lb.

3-Civet coffee or Kopi Luwak

Famous for being the most expensive coffee in the world as one cup can cost up to $80. The rareness of the coffee beans comes about because you have to wait for a Civet to poop them. It is a tiresome disgusting process, but the benefits are worth it, or so they say…

Civets are cat-like creatures with a body reassembling a raccoon that feeds on reptiles, insects, and fruits. People in parts of Asia and Africa keep them in cages, feed them coffee beans, and then harvest their partially digested beans to make coffee. Partial digestion reduces coffee acidity, making it smoother.

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