Where to sell used school books for the most money

Do you want to make some extra money during the holidays?  Go to your bookshelves and set apart the books that you used the last school year. There are a lot of marketplaces to sell them.

Once you've piled all your used books, take a good look at them to see if they are in good shape. If you were careful during the school year and they don't have any missing pages or handwritten marks, you can sell them online. Try to sell them as soon as the semester is over. The earned money can help a lot when you purchase new books for next year!

You can start offering your books in your school's classified advertisements, if it has one. You can also spread the word to your friends and colleagues. If there’s a second-hand book shop nearby, you can go in there and ask if they would buy them and for how much. Sometimes you can get more money by selling them at specific bookseller platforms: 


This site allows you to get different quotes at the same time, as it works as an aggregate site. You'll be asked to type the ISBN number and you’ll be able to see your price options. BookScouter works with 30 buyback vendors. When you choose one of them, you're able to see its reviews and reputation. Here’s more information on this platform!


In order to get a quote from each book, you can type its ISBN number, and Cash4Books calculates the value. If you publish it here, you'll get a prepaid label for free shipping. Once you mail the books, you'll receive your payment within 13 days via PayPal or check. 


BooksRun works in a similar way. You can download their app to scan the ISBN number if you have a lot of books and you'd like to receive a quick quote. Once you've shipped the books, you'll get paid within 4 days. Here, you can also buy or rent e-books. 


ValoreBooks promises to buy your textbooks directly at the highest buyback prices online. Once you see their offer for your books, you can accept it or just jump to another marketplace. If you agree, you’ll print out a prepaid shipping label, and send your books. Once they receive them and evaluate their condition, you’ll get your payment via check or PayPal.

If you want to sell other used items, you should check out this article!

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