Where to find the best cell phone plans

If you're looking to cut some expenses, you should start reviewing your cell phone bill. There are some online tools that allow you to compare your current costs with other options to make the best choice!

If you’ve had the same cell phone plan provider for a long time, you may be overpaying for this service. You could’ve signed up for a particular plan with given benefits, and you may have never used some of them. On the other hand, maybe you received a starter discount that's already been consumed. You can look for the competitors' offer in order to renegotiate your bills or to switch to another company if their services suit your better. You can find cell phone plans with great savings by digging into these platforms. 


This site promises to find the mobile provider tailored to your needs. It’s a discount wireless carrier that operates on Sprint’s network, so you can expect 4G LTE coverage similar to Sprint’s, but without its rules and contracts and with cheaper phone plans. You can find monthly plan rates that range from $5 to $39, and you can customize them to suit your needs. You can even transfer your existing phone number and phone if it’s Sprint-compatible.


You can send your bill to this platform and they’ll negotiate with your provider on your behalf. They can help to make sure you’re getting the best phone deals by asking for things like senior discounts and other promotions. They charge a fee only once they’ve managed to cut your expenses and any savings are split 50/50 with you for a year. 


This company offers a similar service. You can send them all your bills in order to get them reviewed: cell phone, streaming, cable, internet, and even medical bills. They will negotiate with all the providers to get better prices, and they charge a third of your annual savings.


Here, you can find very low cell phone plans and bring your number and phone over if it's Sprint-compatible. They offer plans that range from $9 to $43 depending on how much call time and which data plan you need. There’s a 25% discount for your first six months of service and texting is unlimited! 

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In this platform, you can compare phones and plans through their Solutions Center. It allows you to filter out options that don’t have the amount of data, minutes, or messages you need. You can also search for coverage according to your address, or look only at plans from specific networks. They help you build the right plan with the company that suits your needs.

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