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When will Lowe’s give FREE candy and pumpkins to celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is coming, businesses know it, and some are planning nice gifts to celebrate this holiday. Among them, you can find Lowe’s, who will be giving away products that will help you with the Halloween celebration.  

The retail company specializing in home improvement said that on October 22 and 29, in all Lowe’s stores nationwide, it will be giving away candy and a small pumpkin, from 6 to 7 pm. All this without the need to make a purchase, according to USA Today.

“We know that customers still want to celebrate Halloween, even if the holiday may be different for us this year. While the pandemic has changed many elements of everyday life, the tradition (of trick-or-treating) doesn't have to be one of them, "said Joe McFarland, Lowe’s executive vice president of retail.

However, it is important to remember that, according to the CDC, asking for sweets from house to house is one of the riskiest activities that could be done in these times, since it could spread the coronavirus.

Therefore, it is recommended that people do lower-risk activities, such as Halloween-themed scavenger hunts throughout the house or putting bags of candy in the driveways for children to collect.

This year it is necessary to get creative to be able to celebrate this day without taking unnecessary risks.

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