When will Amazon Prime Day be this year?

When will Amazon Prime Day be this year?

Amazon Prime Day is the most important event that the online sales giant hosts every year and we already know when it will be. If you are eager to know, read on to find out!

Although Amazon was one of the companies that benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the economic and health crisis did affect Amazon Prime Day and its date was postponed last year until October. What will happen this year?

Spring is here, the vaccine is now available to all adults and normal life is returning little by little. To all this good news you can now add that Amazon just confirmed its 48-hour super sales event will be going down in June.

Last year Amazon Prime Day was held in October and was the unofficial start of the Holiday season

After Prime Day was postponed until October last year due to the pandemic, the e-commerce giant announced plans to bring the sale back to summer, but even earlier this year.

According to Thrillist, Amazon believes this timing will bring an influx of sales, and the company is said to be expecting between $110 billion and $116 billion in sales.

"There’re a number of factors," Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky regarding the reasons for Amazon to move Prime Day to June.

"It might be better—for customers, sellers and vendors to experiment with a different time period. We experimented the other way... in 2020, by moving it into October. But we believe that it might be better timing later in Q2. So that’s what we’re testing this year."

And though Amazon did not inform last year's earnings, an Amazon spokesperson said Prime Day 2020 was the site’s biggest sales day ever.

Though we don't know the exact date in June when the super sales will kick off, for this will be announced later this quarter, we do know that the event will once again span 48 hours.

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