What will McDonald’s do to keep customers and employees safe?

Amid the huge increase in Covid-19 cases nationwide, McDonald's will take steps to take care of the health of its employees and customers. What meassures will be implemented?

According to CNBC, McDonald’s will conduct coronavirus safety reviews of its restaurants in the next six weeks for health experts are concerned that Covid fatigue is contributing to the record high number of new cases in the U.S.

The huge surge in infections has lead to some states and municipalities announcing harsher restrictions ahead of the holiday season.

New York state has put into practice a nightly curfew of 10 p.m. for indoor and outdoor dining, for example, and Chicago, has banned indoor dining once again.

In this scenario, McDonald’s will conduct one visit per franchisee, and the inspections will assess how it is executing the “top five operating minimums.”

When this is done, the franchisees are expected to make sure the rest of their locations also follow the best practices, and the idea is to complete all of the visits by Dec. 31.

McDonald’s U.S. chief field officer Charlie Strong, National Franchisee Leadership Alliance Chair Mark Salebra and franchisee Tracy Johnstone also emphasized the importance of using equipment to enable contactless pay and to make social distancing possible in the kitchens.

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