What trick, copied from casinos, do supermarkets have to make you spend more money?

What trick, copied from casinos, do supermarkets have to make you spend more money?

We have already talked about the tricks that chains like Walmart or Costco have to make you spend money on things you don't really need, but what is the secret that all supermarkets share?

The big supermarket chains borrowed the trick of not using casino windows, which also want customers to spend more time in their establishments to increase the money they spend there.

Supermarkets are the most convenient places to go to get all the groceries and essentials you need and for that reason, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are one of the most popular businesses for people in general.

Another trick is to put the most essential products that are bought almost daily, such as milk, in the farthest part of the store.

However, keep in mind that it is a business and these stores will do their best to make a bigger profit, which includes using some subtle tricks.

One of the most popular tactics is to limit the number of windows that each establishment has, for when there are no windows, it is difficult to keep track of the time, which gives you the feeling that you really have not been there that long.

This psychological trick works very well and makes you spend more time than you planned walking the aisles of the store, and as you spend more time inside, the chances of you spending more money increase.

On the other hand, by not using windows, stores can also use more walls to accommodate products and expand their sales area, as reported in Mashed.

It should be noted that this same trick is used by casinos to prevent people from knowing how long they have been in the establishment, all this in order to keep spending on their games.

Stores have other secrets, such as having the bakery in the front of the store to make you hungrier.

Stores also use bright colors, attractive smells, and music to create a positive, multi-sensory environment that puts customers in a more shop-friendly attitude.

As you can see, it is best to know about these tricks that stores usually use and in this way, you will be less likely to fall for them.

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