What should you do with an unwanted gift card

What should you do with an unwanted gift card

Whenever you don't have enough time to shop for a gift or don't have enough creativity to get something special, gift cards can save you. But, what happens when you don't want it? What should you do with an unwanted gift card?

Let's be honest, everybody has a gift card lost in the kitchen drawer! You probably assured you were going to use it, but then forgot about its existence.

The thing is you may be wasting a good opportunity and not being aware of it! Even though you are not interested in the gift card, you can still use it wisely.

Check these smart tips to use your unwanted gift cards!

If you definitely aren't going to use the card, then look for someone who can be interested in it! You can search for a non-profit organization or charity and donate the gift card to them.

These organizations are even interested in partially used cards, so if you have a balance left in a gift card and you won't use it, you can donate it!

If you'd rather have the cash than the gift, you can sell the card! There are many websites in which you can sell your unwanted gift cards.

There are websites like Plastic Jungle or Gift Card Rescue that offer almost the complete value of the card in cash. It can cover at least 60% and as much as 90% of the total value.

This is also a great way of getting rid of your unwanted card and getting one that you actually want. There are websites that'd trade your card for an alternative gift card.

This works similarly to selling it, as the cards will be determined by their values and you may want to check which are the cards worth more. Bear in mind that some websites won't accept partial balance and will also search for those gift cards that don't have an expiration date.

The gift card you received may not be for something you want, but maybe a friend of yours could be interested in it. So, pass it along!

However, make sure that it's not too obvious it is a re-gift. Before you give it as a gift, you may want to check if it can be used by another person. Also, make sure that it still has its full amount and that the PIN hasn't been scratched away.

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