What old favorite is back at Popeyes' and helps you save money?

While other food chains are adding chicken products to their menus to entice customers who eat less and less meat, Popeyes already has the most popular chicken sandwich and can think of other options. What old favorite is returning as part of a huge $ 6 meal?

For months the food chains modified their menus to adapt to the increase in home delivery, takeaways and drive-thru orders. Now, they are looking to win back their customers with new tasty meals.

According to Thrillist, to start off 2021, the Rip'n Chicken Big Box is returning to the southern-style chain’s menus.

The huge meal includes fried chicken, two sides, and a drink, and will not olny make fans happy with the return the popular item, but with the incredible price of the combo.

The famous chicken chain is focusing on upgrading its menu.
The famous chicken chain is focusing on upgrading its menu

The meal deal costs only $6 and which features an all-white meat chick breast filet and comes with two regular sides, sauce, and a drink. The chicken is sliced just halfway into strips and that is why it is dubbed Rip'n Chicken.

Popeyes has a variety of sides to choose from, which include Cajun Fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and mac 'n cheese, so you can order the meal as often as you wish and not get bored of eating the same thing each time.

Of course, chicken isn’t all you can get at your local Popeyes, you can add the new chocolate-stuffed beignets to your order if you want something sweet or try the spicy shrimp for a change.

Popeyes chicken sandwich has changed the fast food trends

"As a brand from New Orleans we are always looking to bring new dishes and desserts from our hometown to the menu,” a rep for Popeyes said a few months ago.

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