What benefits for Costco and Sam’s Club customers does anyone hardly knows about?

What benefits for Costco and Sam’s Club customers does anyone hardly knows about?

Even though consumers are shifting to online shopping, Costco and Sam's Club still draw faithful shoppers to its warehouses. What are the benefits for Costco and Sam’s Club customers that hardly anyone knows about?

Being a member of Sam’s Club and Costco allows you to take advantage of very good deals on products that you can buy in bulk, but there are other advantages that you can get that are not really that well known. What benefits are we talking about?

Technical help

By dialing 1-866-861-0450, customers who purchased a TV, home theater, digital music player, camera, or computer at Costco can request help from the free technical support team over the phone

Health screening

Sam’s Club offers free health tests at its pharmacies. Blood glucose tests are free to clients any day of the week, and cholesterol tests cost just $ 19, and blood pressure, cholesterol, hearing, and vision tests are available at health events throughout the year.

Tire maintenance

Costco and Sam’s Club can rotate, balance, and repair tires at no cost to members. At Sam’s Club, free puncture repair applies even to tires purchased elsewhere, and the installation of the windshield wiper blades and the car battery test are also free.

Book signings

Costco and Sam’s Club stores often feature appearances by local authors, and even some high-profile ones like Hillary Clinton at Sam’s Club, and cookbook author Danielle Walker who has held book signings at Costco.

Car deals

Both Sam’s Club and Costco offer car buying services that allow members to explore most of the makes and models on the market, and occasionally some great deals can be found there.

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Check printing

Costco and Sam’s Club members can request to print checks at prices that are often lower than what the bank gives you, including personal checks and business payroll checks.


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