What Italian town will be offering a free stay for a week to attract tourists?

What Italian town will be offering a free stay for a week to attract tourists?

After not being able to enjoy a trip for so long, traveling almost anywhere seems like the best possible plan ... but it can be even better if you don't have to pay for it. What Italian town will be offering a free stay for a week to attract tourists?

Tourism and passenger transport have been part of the sectors most affected by the pandemic and, therefore, it is logical that airlines, travel agencies cities, and countries have offers and promotions to attract tourists. In which Italian town will you be able to stay for free for a week?

Molise is a mountainous Italian region with a stretch of coastline on the Adriatic Sea

The world is already slowly returning to normal, and little by little countries are opening their borders to welcome tourists and reactivate their economies. That is why many destinations are using all kinds of strategies to attract travelers.

One of the promotions that have attracted the most attention is the one offered by a town in the southern region of Italy, which will probably once again offer a full week of free stay in one of its residences.

The town is called San Giovanni in Galdo, and it is located in the Campobasso hills of the Molise region, about two hours from Rome. This place has a fairly small population of only 553 residents and last year it was included in the list of the 52 places that every tourist must visit, according to the New York Times.

To become an even more attractive tourism center for travelers, the town's cultural organization, called Amici del Morrutto, began offering free trips in 2020 to attract people with the promotional program called 'Give Yourself Molise'.

The initiative had a great impact and between July and October 2020, 40 lucky winners will stay in local residences for a week, completely free of charge.

Would you like to meet Molise for free?

"One year after the launch of our initiative, the international press is still talking about ′ ′ Give yourself the Molise." See you soon for the news of the 2021 edition! "Says the Facebook account of Amici del Morrutto - Associazione Culturale.

Due to the success of the idea, this year, for the second time, the town will be offering incentives for tourists to visit, so stay tuned and maybe you can be one of the lucky winners this time.

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