5 cheap liquors you should know about 5 cheap liquors you should know about

5 cheap liquors you should know about

Expensive cocktails or fancy wines are great, of course, but if you’re on a tight budget, you might have to find other options.

The weekend is here, and quite probably, so is your idea of having some drinks and relaxing a little bit. After all, you’ve worked hard all week and you deserve it. However, alcohol can be a bit expensive, so if you are on a budget, you might need to look for other options. However, there are excellent liquors around that are cheap and that will help bring together finances and fun. 

Tip: all the following prices correspond to a 750ml. bottle of each liquor.

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1-    New Amsterdam vodka, $15

Depending on where you buy it, you can even find it for less, but the standard price is $15. Vodka is a great base for many amazing cocktails or just mixed with Sprite to add some peachy flavor.

2-    Fireball, $15

The classic drink that everyone just takes straight from the bottle, no need to mix it. This spicy alcohol actually comes from Canada, and you don’t need to mix it, as it goes down pretty easily.

3-    Jose Cuervo, $20

If you love tequila (some people hate it, there’s no gray area with this drink), you should invest a good $20 on a Jose Cuervo, which is an excellent option. Grab lime and salt and get the party started.

4-    Agavales, $12

If a bottle of Jose Cuervo is still out of your budget, you can go for an Agavales Gold for only $12. Please keep in mind the affects that come from the cheapness.

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5-    Jim Beam bourbon, $15

If you are felling a bit fancier today, you can opt for some bourbon. At $15 a bottle, Jim Beam is perfect to drink straight or mix it with a little Coke. People say that this cheap whiskey is well worth the money.

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