Walmart+: A budget-friendly version of Amazon Prime?

Walmart has recently launched a members-only subscription service with the aim to compete directly with Amazon Prime. Learn about Walmart+ perks and customer benefits.

This month, Walmart launched Walmart+, a members-only subscription service aimed to be the major competitor for Amazon Prime. Along with this launch, will come a series of special perks for early adopters.

Take a look at this guide to check how these two subscription services compare.

  1. Price: While Amazon Prime costs $119 a year, Walmart+ will cost $98 a year.
  2. Shipping: Amazon Prime members can opt between two-day free shipping on eligible products, free same-day shipping for certain zip codes, and free 2-hour delivery for certain zip codes and items. Meanwhile, Walmart+ will receive unlimited same-day delivery for groceries and other items.
  3. Order slots: Amazon Prime subscribers can organize their schedule to set a weekly delivery day, while Walmart+ members will receive priority treatment regarding grocery delivery slots.
  4. Streaming: Amazon Prime members can access to music, films, TV shows, and channels like HBO and Showtime. Walmart+ still hasn't stated if it will add a video entertainment feature.
  5. Grocery benefits: Prime subscribers can get deals and beneficial delivery options at Whole Foods Market, while Walmart+ subscribers will have access to an unlimited same-day delivery service.
  6. Gas discounts: While Amazon doesn't offer gas discounts, Walmart+ reported it will come with deals at Walmart gas stations.
  7. Clothing: Amazon Prime grants access to Prime Wardrobe and Personal Shopper, while Walmart+ will not offer services in this area.  

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