Uber will give you $ 50 and you don't have to do anything

During these months of confinement, people have learned to use apps more for everything and have lost the mistrust e-commerce generated for many. Uber is one of the platforms that Americans have used for travel and it just made choosing them even more worthwhile.  

Uber Reserve customers will receive a $ 50 credit if the driver is late for even a minute.

Uber Reserve is Uber's scheduled rides program that allows customers to organize a ride up to a month in advance, with guaranteed punctuality.

This service is available for luxury vehicle service from Uber, Uber Black, and Uber Black SUV, in 21 different US cities, including Dallas, New York, Miami, Washington, D.C., and Seattle.

The cost per reservation ranges from $ 8 to $ 12, depending on the location, as reported in Fortune.

Customers who schedule a ride now get a 15-minute grace period to comply with the ride, but if drivers are even one minute late, customers will get a $ 50 credit on their Uber account that they can spend on future rides.

Take into account that if you book a trip and do not cancel it well in advance, it could cost you a lot, since any cancellation must be done an hour before the scheduled time, or you will be charged the full rate.

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