Twitter CEO auctions his first tweet, guess for how much!

Twitter CEO auctions his first tweet, guess for how much!

You can be the owner of earth's first tweet only by $2.5 million, his CEO is putting it on the market, check it out!

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is selling his first ever tweet on the digital platform Valuables and it's biding is already starting at a modest sum of $2.5 million. The co-founder of Twitter first post was published on March 25 2006 at 5:50 pm and it merely says:

just setting up my twttr.

The highest bid so far is courtesy of Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle. According to CNN, the tweet is being sold as a non-fungible token, or NFT, which is a unique digital token that verifies authenticity and ownership of digital entities like art, drawings and music. 

Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006

You might be wondering why somebody will be interested in buying a tweet and for what? the platform, Valuable, which is acutioning it right now says: 

 Owning any digital content can be a financial investment, hold sentimental value, and create a relationship between collector and creator.

Like an autograph on a baseball card, the NFT itself is the creator's autograph on the content, making it scarce, unique and valuable," the site says.

All public tweets can be auctioned and sold

By the way, you can also sell any tweet if you want to: 95% of its profit goes to the social media company and the other 5% to Valuables. There's actually tons of tweets being auctioned right now, one example is the Lion King meme posted by Elon Musk that has a bid starting at $3,500.

So, are you an active Twitter user? have you written any spicy tweets that might interest the world? if so, now you know that with them you can actually make some money. Which is a very interesting fact to be aware of. 

Buying a tweet has a meaning of nostalgia and value of history for some

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