How tourn your used furniture into money

If you're moving out or just renewing your furniture, don’t miss the opportunity to make some extra cash. You can post them on many marketplaces to multiply your chances

Nowadays, garage sales and classified advertisements are replaced by online marketplaces. These allow high visibility since buyers can see your products at any time or place when they’re looking for stuff to purchase. If you list your stuff wisely, you may make some interesting sales.

First of all, you should take a good look at what you’d like to sell. It has to be in good condition, and sometimes you can fix little details to improve its shape. You should clean your stuff the best way you can. For example, in the case of soft furniture, use the vacuum between the cushions to remove all dust, crumbs, etc. 

Now, take your time to capture good photos. You can make various shots from different points of view according to the details that you'd like to highlight. Try to use natural light to have clear pictures. If there are any scratches or imperfections, take a close-up picture in order, to be honest with your potential buyers. 

Write an accurate description of each item, trying to give all the details that you can. Include how old it is and all its measures: length, width, height. Pick keywords to potential online searches.

There are a lot of marketplaces. Some include multiple furniture and decor categories, and others are more specific. Look into their fees and rates in order to pick the best for each of your items. 

Always remember to stay honest. You may be asked to give further information about your items by chat or mail. Don't hide any information in order to make the sale. Your online reputation is public and you should receive only good reviews.

If your goal is to upgrade your home with these sales, don´t miss this article!

Let´s start posting!

Firstly, you should make a list of the furniture and decoration items that you won't be using anymore. You should search for some reference prices and write a brief description of each product. Once all these tasks are done, you can offer your stuff in many online marketplaces. Here are the most popular ones:


The biggest advantage of Bonanza is that it's integrated with Google, so your products will reach your potential customers' attention faster. To start here, you'll be asked to set an online storefront. Then, you should select an advertising option for your items. When you make a sale, you must pay Bonanza a commission rate according to the advertising program.  

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

This is a community-driven marketplace for vintage designer furnishings and accessories. You need to create a storefront and upload your furniture photos and description. Listing your items is free, and the system will manage all the transaction process. Your stuff will get more visibility because users often share them on select social media platforms.


This platform is completely free. You should take good pictures of your furniture, as Letgo organizes the categories in a photo gallery format. In this marketplace, you've got the option to chat with potential buyers.


Unlike previous platforms, you won't publish your furniture’s price. You'll hear the potential buyers’ offers and then you can decide if these amounts work for you. They offer an in-app chat feature to ease your communication with other users. 


This is the ideal platform to sell used vintage furniture, design-furniture, special items as well as art. You'll get access to the Chairish Pink Book, which helps you determine the value of your items. As this is a high-ranked market, they charge a high fee: Chairish takes either a 20% commission on sales up to $2,500 or a 3-12% commission for bigger-ticket items.

Don’t throw away your old furniture, your used clothes and shoes, not even your books! First of all, take into account that your used stuff is new for others. If they’re in good shape, take your time to find out how much they’re worth and take nice pictures of every item. There are several websites where you can publish at the same time. They aren’t mutually exclusive! Give your stuff more chances to find another owner.


This is the digital form of the garage sale. Not only can you publish second-hand items, but also you can find a lot of stuff and great deals. It's the ideal showcase for all kinds of products.

Now that you start to renewing your home, don't overspend on decoration!


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