Tower Records is back!

14 years after Tower Records filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors, music lovers will be able to buy their favorite records again at the iconic music store.

To the joy of its fans and nostalgic followers, Tower Records returns to the market through an online music store.

Executives had planned to relaunch the company during the South by Southwest Music Festival but, as with many events, the coronavirus pandemic changed what was planned.

Danny Zeijdel, the new CEO of Tower Records, said that due to the pandemic the company is reborn as an online store offering vinyl records, cassettes and compact discs.

"That has been met with tremendous success, feedback," Zeijdel said, "A lot of people are so happy taking pictures of when they receive an order from Tower Records posting it on Instagram," he added.

The company, which was founded in Sacramento in 1960, had about 200 stores across the globe that closed down in 2006.

The music store is also hosting a series of interviews through the Instagram Live platform and has plans to collaborate with various singers and musicians.

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