Buying a new car? Go online!

Buying a new car? Go online!

There are many advantages to online car shopping, but it’s even better to do the whole transaction from one website. Here are 5 of the best ones to do this. Plus, learn how to get car insurance.

A few years ago, it would’ve been unthinkable that you could purchase a car from a device as small as your computer, without even leaving your house. Now, everyone can do it, and it’s become much simpler with the creation of websites like the following ones.

1. Nowcar

They’re in Florida and they have many interesting offers that’ll catch your eye. Each car comes with a full manufacturer warranty and you can take up to 5 days or drive no more than 50 miles to see if the car suits your needs. You’ll find new cars at lower prices than the list ones, and the delivery is free unless you wanted to exchange the car you bought for another one (within the time limit). In this case, you’ll have to pay a delivery fee.

2. Carvana

This option includes only used cars, but you can be sure that they work because they had to pass a 150-point inspection and an auto check report in order to be on the website. You can test the vehicle for one week and return it within this time frame. The delivery fee depends on your location, which is why it ranges from $0 to $199. You may sometimes need to ship the car yourself.

3. Carsense

Here, you’ll also find used cars, which are also thoroughly inspected. If this still doesn’t convince you, there’s an extended warranty of 6 months or 6000 miles that’ll cover your vehicle. In addition to this, you’ll receive a 5-days or 500-miles frame for a test drive. They have several locations in Pennsylvania, which affects their delivery fees: you can receive your car for free if you live within 50 miles from them.

4. Beepi

If you’re in California or Nevada and you’re looking for a used car, this website was made for you. The car sellers can list their cars as long as they have less than 60,000 miles and are less than 6 years old. They’re shown to the customers once they pass the 185-point inspection, who also receive 10 days or 1,000 miles to try the car they’ve bought.

5. Vroom

This website has the most perks. These include free nationwide shipping, one free year of roadside assistance, access to financing from a lot of different lenders, and a week or 30,000 miles warranty. The cars that are published are used but undergo a 126-point inspection.


Car insurance will protect you financially in case of an accident or another unfortunate event. In a few steps -and sometimes even online!- you can choose the most suited option for you.

Firstly, take your time to search for different policies and shop quotes. You can ask an auto insurance agent in any insurance company, who’ll give you all the information that you need to know about their offers.

Another source of personal answers is an independent broker. With their knowledge on the market, they can assist you in the search for the perfect insurance for you. They can bring forward the offers of many companies and help you choose the most suitable one.

You can even get an estimated quote through an online or phone questionnaire from a car insurance company. They’ll give you the final quote once you’ve submitted other documents, such as your credit information or driving record.

Now that you have several car insurance quotes, you should compare them. You can use online and free tools, like Compare’s auto insurance tool. Even if you find a small monthly difference, it can add up to a significant annual saving.

Don’t be afraid to ask for possible discounts! In addition to this, you can bundle your car insurance with your rental or homeowner’s policy and save even more money.

Last but not least, you should go over insurance quotes every six months, in case the market’s situation changes or you’ve increased your credit-based insurance score. In this case, you can lower your auto insurance rate.

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