Top 5 online learning hacks everyone should know

Top 5 online learning hacks everyone should know

Are you a student affected by Covid-19 and you are having trouble with online learning? Keep reading to discover the best hacks everyone should know. 

Trying to get a degree, higher certificate, or any other academic qualification can be challenging. With the coronavirus regulations in practice, people cannot visit their campuses as easily anymore. The need for better online learning skills has risen, so we have offered a few hacks to make your life easier. 

Coronavirus changed everyone's plans. If you were planning to start a course, degree or any other type of lesson most probably you have to do it online. Studying online can turn a little bit challenging, especially if you are not a techie fan. 

In the first place, you must sync all of your calendars. Nothing is worse than realizing that you’ve missed a due date to an assignment after looking at the wrong schedule. Sync every single one of your calendars to avoid this prevalent mistake. 

Sync every single one of your calendars to avoid this prevalent mistake. 

Secondly, you should put all zoom links in your online calendars. Copy and paste the link on your virtual calendar to connect to the class faster once you get the reminder notification to attend the course. 

Have you ever needed to highlight something you’re reading online but obviously can’t because of edit limits? The Hypothesis extension for Chrome lets you highlight online sources, and you can see other people’s annotations. 

Take into account that most lectures are recorded these days, so writing notes will not distract you from participating in the class. Instead, participate in the course to gain a better understanding and worry about writing notes later. 

Finally, you can join a class group chat. Your classmates may not be your friends, but having a group chat is super helpful. Updates, jokes, and general camaraderie are what you will need during this challenging time of fast-paced online learning. 

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