Top 5 bizarre questions you might be asked at customs

Top 5 bizarre questions you might be asked at customs

Every time you pass through customs you can be asked a couple of questions. However, some questions seem to be quite bizarre or intrusive. Take a look at the top 5 bizarre questions you might be asked at customs and their explanation. 

Passing through customs can be one of the most stress-ridden experiences tied to traveling. Each country holds its own standards of entry and oftentimes, the wrong words or actions albeit inner motives can get us in a lot of trouble.

In America especially, since the tragic event of 9/11, border control and custom agents have taken pride in being the most thorough, diligent and slightly scary. It is thus important to remain informed on the types of questions that may pop up during your security screening.

The first bizarre question on this list, yet usual is if you are traveling alone. It is not uncommon to travel alone. In fact, certain countries are even cited as being best suited for solo travelers. Precisely, showing up by yourself could relate to shadier business which will then encourage further questioning. Hence, make sure your travel plans are clear in and out prior to stepping into customs to avoid any complications.

It is not uncommon to travel alone

You can also be asked: How much money do you have with you? This question is closely tied to the stringent regulations applied to the transportation of goods and declaring. Each country differs in the amount of money a traveler is allowed to bring in to their land. For this reason, you must inform yourself of the latter to avoid further questioning. Showing up to a foreign place with a suspicious sum of money can get in you in trouble.

What is more, the agent at customs can ask you where are you going to stay. Custom agents often probe travelers on all aspects of their travel journey including their accommodation. Often times, this line of questioning can go as far as revealing address details and postal codes. Hence, it is best to come prepared.

Also, the agent at customs can ask you if it is the first time you are visiting the US. Custom agents need to know if you have visited this country before because familiarity with the environment will most likely make your visit more legitimate. Whereas, if it is your first time and you do not seem to have any valid reason to be here, you might arouse suspicion.

Usually, border control will ask you to clearly state whether you are here for business or pleasure. Should you choose any of the stated choices, you must ensure to have the appropriate answer in order to move forward.

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