Top 5 affordable Christmas gifts for wine lovers

Top 5 affordable Christmas gifts for wine lovers

If you know someone who is a crazy wine lover, you must read this article. Here you will find the top 5 affordable Christmas gifts for wine lovers. Keep on reading to find the best items wine-related. 

Whether it's a friend, significant other, family member, or roommate, everyone has a special wine fan in their life. So, here is a special list for your last-minute gift list. Your special one will adore any of these items!

If you're looking for a sophisticated wine gift for a total oenophile or something silly for your beloved wino-bestie, we guarantee you'll find something perfect in our list of fun, fancy, and practical wine gifts below. Keep reading to discover the most amazing items!

1- Wine Cork Holder Metal Letter $19.45

Wine Cork Holder Metal Letter $19.45

This cute metal wine-cork holder will help keep your dear wine-loving friend's kitchen or living room space neat, while also adding some personality to their home decor with a monogram letter. This is the perfect Christmas gift for that friend who loves wine and is into the decor! Available here

2- Insulated Wine Tote Carrier $23

Insulated Wine Tote Carrier $23

Taking your wine-and-cheese night on the road? Or just going to your friend's home this Christmas? This insulated tote bag is your must-have, with room for two bottles of wine and a divider that reduces any annoying clinking or tragic bottle-breaking. Buy it here!

3- Winc Wine Subscription $60

Winc Wine Subscription $60

This is a Christmas gift for complete wine lovers! Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like a wine subscription. Winc lets you give a 1 to 3-month subscription for your recipient, and they'll be able to choose their own bottles or let the Winc experts curate a box for them. Subscribe here!

4- Aerating Wine Glasses $50

Aerating Wine Glasses $50

This set of 2 glasses are the perfect Christmas gift! Not only does this look super cool, but it also takes your wine consumption to a whole new level. Plus, you get immediate pleasure with this glass, because it oxygenates your wine right as you pour it, so you don't have to waste a second to start sipping. Find it here!

5- Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder $16

Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder $16

Is there something better than a glass of red wine while having a hot bath? Don't think so. We're frankly shocked we didn't think about this ourselves, because it combines the three best things in this world: drinking wine, taking baths, and feeling like you're living your best life. Available here!

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