Tips to lower some services expenses

Tips to lower some services expenses

The Internet has become such a necessity that most people can’t imagine their lives without it. Streaming services and cellphones have also a central role in your life. Don't overpay for these services!

The Internet acts as a network between people from all around the globe. You can access it to keep in touch with others, find entertainment, or even work. Many people work from home and there’s a great number of students that take courses on free online websites. If you fall into any of these categories, you know that cutting your Internet service because of its price is a no-go.

However, you can lower its price without giving it up, using these 5 tips:

1. No additional services

It’s possible that you’re paying more for additional services than the actual Internet service! Maybe you’ve started your subscription on an interesting discount, which included these at a lower price, but you should drop them if you don’t use them and your discounts expired. Some add-ons are cable TV and landline phone service.

2. Negotiate

You can take advantage of your expired discounts: call the provider to cancel your subscription. Always be respectful, explain how much you’ve liked the service and let them know what a pity it’s for you to cancel it because of the price. If you also let them know you’ve seen lower prices on the competition, it’s very likely that they’ll lower your service’s cost to keep you as a customer.. Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

3. Investigate the competition

Telling your providers that you’ve been searching for lower prices works very well as a threat, but it’s actually a really good idea. Not only will you have more details and leverage against your current Internet provider, but you could also find very good deals. Usually, there are great deals for new members.

4. Look into low-cost Internet service

There are certain companies that provide special deals for certain people. Some will do it if they consider your household has a low income, others offer discounts for disabled people. It’s always worth it to see if you qualify for any of these!

5. Lower the speed

The more complex the things you do, the higher speed you’ll need. This, of course, has an impact on your bill’s total. However, it’s possible that you’re paying for a much faster speed than the one you actually need. If you can continue your life with a slower connection, this should be the first aspect to consider changing.

If you’ve already tried these tips and you want to do even more to lower the price of your Internet service, check these creative tips to save money on your Internet bill!

How to save on Netflix and streaming bills

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all trying to cut down on expenses, but home entertainment has become quite essential. These tips will help you save money while still being connected.

Until not so long ago, the money we spent on home entertainment included the cable bill and not much else, but nowadays there is a great number of services to which we are subscribed.

Netflix, Spotify, AmazonPrime, sports channels and HBO are only some examples. If your streaming bills are getting out of hand, these tips can help you get things in order, without missing out on all the content you love.

1. Look into possible discounts!

You might be eligible for a discount on streaming services without even realizing it. Be sure to check out your cell phone carrier, too—many have partnerships with streaming services, and offer free access to their customers.

See if you can save money by paying annually instead of monthly, or by setting up automatic debit payments.

2. Check out your plan

You may be paying for more than you need, so it’s a good idea to check out what you’re actually paying for. You might not need as many screens to stream up on, or you may be paying for upgrades you never asked for, without knowing about it. The same thing goes for your cable company: maybe you can downgrade your plan without missing anything.

3. Split a family plan.

Most streaming services allow for watching at least two devices at a time, so find friends or family to share the cost of one account. The system works well for music streaming services with monthly subscriptions too.

Audio streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music have family plans that allow you to share an account with up to 6 people, for just a little more than their regular subscription price.

For Amazon Prime, use their “households” feature to share an account between two different people and get the free shipping, delivery, and Amazon Prime Video services, but for half the cost.

4. Make the most of the libraries.

Libraries are no longer only a place where you can borrow books. Today, they have caught up to modern content delivery with streaming services of their own.

•    Many libraries have created streaming apps, and they have a surprisingly wide selection of movies and TV shows.

•     Many have a music streaming service that members can use for free, with a selection to choose from.

•    Most libraries allow you to check out audiobooks digitally (same applies to eBooks) for little or no charge.

5. Remember to cancel trial periods 

Many times we sign up for a free trial and forget to cancel it before the trial period ended. This means paying for a whole year for something we won’t use, so write these dates down to avoid extra expenses

Do you want to know how to have Netflix for free

How to slash your cell phone bill

You need to save some money and you don't know where to start? Try by reducing your cell phone bill! There are plenty of methods you can apply to reduce your cell phone costs!

Saving money may seem a difficult task, but the key is to know which expenses you need to cut! There are some bills that you can't get rid of, but what about the cell phone bill?

It's one of the costs than can easily be reduced, so take note and learn how to save money by slashing your cell phone bill!

1. Change your cell phone plan

Cell phone carriers always offer cheaper plans or have special discounts to reduce your monthly costs.

This may involve reducing data or limiting international calls.  So before you change your plan you should ask your carrier what the cheaper options include.

2. Change your carrier

If your current cell phone carrier does not have a cheaper plan, then you should research other carriers.

Check other options, analyze their special deals and plans. You may find one that offers the features you need for a better price.

3. Buy a cheaper phone

Do you need a water-resistant (and ultra-expensive) smartphone?

If you only use the cell phones' basic features, then you can switch your smartphone for a basic cell phone.

Before you do this, analyze thoroughly which features are essential for your every-day life: storage, wi-fi, apps. Then search for inexpensive options that can cover your needs.

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