How to optimize your spending

3 tips that will help you optimize your spending

Optimize your spending. Always spend based on your income.

Spend money on experiences, not things

Spend money on experiences instead of things. This has proven to make people happier in the long run. Years down the road, you will remember the trip you took more than the purse you bought.

Experiences could provide you quality time, pleasure, happiness, and even wisdom. And it's even better if you share them with your special ones. It could be difficult at first because of our constant search for material possessions (in fact, you should keep a balance between both of them). But once you'll start enjoying that special thing about experiences as adventures, you certainly won't stop wanting them as something necessary in your life.

Material things are usually transient, but experiences and what they bring with them, remain forever in our memories. This makes up our self-construction, block by block, it builds who we are as people, professionals, family members, friends, and every important aspect of our life.

Spend Based on Your Income

We all know people that spend way above their means. Blame it on credit cards, expensive tastes or whatever you want, but spending more than you can afford is a huge problem that leads to debt.

Credit cards are just a way to make you spend your money, and even more, than you should, because of the interest charges. They're a double-edged sword, so they have to be used carefully. Remember your income will still be the same, and you'll have to pay credit cards after all. That's why your expenses always have to be based on your income, so you can be sure you can afford them, otherwise, you'd be at the risk your accounts become negative.

Most of the time this kind of expense is recreational or for personal taste, for this reason, it may not be evident at the time, but it's really important to consider it could be a bigger problem later. If you choose to use your credit cards or make a large expenditure, always keep in mind you must pay it as soon as possible or in an organized way.

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Spend time with people who have good money habits and beliefs

Your relationships with others are very important to your life; they're all a tool and work as gear. Do you know you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with? If you get around people who make good money decisions and have good money habits, they will rub off on you, too.

Everything in life is about learning. Sometimes your mind acts like a sieve, just by looking around it selects what it would like to take as learning, and whatnot. Maybe you don't notice, but without knowing you'll have learned a lot and even adopted many of their habits. This applies to all your friendships, this is why without planning it, sometimes you tend to be one way and this reflects, among other things, your relationships with others. So, why not be friends with people we take as examples of how we would like to be?

This will be great, not only to learn but also to start surrounding yourself with people that you like and that are beneficial or productive for you. Talking about your career, projects, and even recreational plans it will serve your creativity, ideas, working tools, one way or another you'll be building your life around people who speak the same language as you literally and figuratively.

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