This company will give you $ 8,000 to spend on Black Friday

In a year that has been very difficult for most, there is a company that will give you $ 8000 to spend on November 27th. What must you do to receive the money?

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on this Black Friday, the Coupon Lawn company is planning to give you no less than $ 8,000 to buy whatever you want and, to make the matter more exciting, it will give you only one hour to spend it.

“Through this campaign, our goal is to observe changes in online shopping habits and coupon effectiveness during the post-pandemic,” the Coupon Lawn company said.

This is how it works: you will have 60 minutes to buy what you want with the $ 8,000 dollars but you will have to make purchases through the Coupon Lawn site. In this way, the company will keep track of how, where, and with what coupons you spent the money.

You must spend the amount in at least 10 different stores, you will be asked to use specific Coupon Lawn offers, and you must document all your expenses and report them to the company.

When you are done, you can keep all the things you have bought, as well as keep the money you have saved with the coupons.

To participate you must apply with a 60 second video where you say why you are the best candidate and you must write a 300 word essay explaining your personal skills.

The deadline to submit your information is November 26.

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