Thinking of joining the gym this month? Consider these tips!

Thinking of joining the gym this month? Consider these tips!

Learn some ways to save money when you join the gym. Especially this month, so if you were thinking about it, take the chance!

January is the best month to start training. It's a new beginning and we feel like we've been recharged. Besides all the offers in gyms and exercise equipment that come up this month.

So yes, this is indeed the best month for you to join the gym and take advantage of the desire you have to get in shape. But there are other ways to save some money when you start your membership:

Take advantage of seasonal pricing

Unsurprisingly, gyms see a huge spike in membership in January, when many people set goals to get fit in the new year. This is the time you're most likely to receive a lower introductory rate or have your initiation fee waived. Offers will vary from gym to gym, so it's smart to shop around to find the membership that works best for you and your bottom line.

Gyms see a huge spike in membership in January

Join with a friend or family member

Power in numbers can work in your favor when negotiating a cheaper gym membership. Many salespeople have a quota to reach. If you bring them a second membership, it may be more enticing for the salesperson to cut you (and your friend) a deal if you sign up together.

Offer to pay a few months upfront

While fitness chains tend to have more rules in place around membership fees, there may be some wiggle room with smaller, newer or privately-owned gyms where the owner may be interested in immediate revenue, or in increasing membership. It never hurts to ask if they can give you any type of discount for pre-paying a few months in advance.

College students may be eligible for discounts at gyms

Know if you qualify for a discount

While it isn't very common, college students may be eligible for discounts at gyms' surrounding campuses when they present a valid student ID.

Corporations also often partner with gyms to help employees get memberships at a discounted rate, and many gyms offer deals for first responders, members of the military, and veterans.

Watch for other ways to save

The most underrated way to save money at the gym is to take advantage of promotions and freebies, including workout class bundles, buddy passes, free personal training sessions (you'll eventually have to pay for these, but many gyms offer the first session for free), and more.

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