These 14 service providers are more likely to lower your bill —if you ask

Trying to slash your bills? With these companies, negotiating better deals might be easier than you imagine.

There are two options to get better deals: you can either negotiate better rates yourself or you can use a service that will do that for you. 

Negotiating yourself is simple enough: you just need to pick up the phone and ask. There are some companies that are more likely to do it if, as leverage, you mention you are thinking about canceling their service or that you received a better deal from a competitor. 

If you don’t feel comfortable enough with those calls, you can always use technology. There are apps, like Trim or BillCutterz, who negotiate better deals on your behalf. If they succeed at getting better deals for you, they will take a portion of the money they save you. If they fail, they won’t.

What are the companies that are more likely to lower their rates?

According to a LendEDU analysis, these are the 14 companies:

•    SiriusXM: around 80% of customers are successful in negotiating down their bill with this company, according to LendEDU’s analysis.
•    Suddenlink: 80% or more
•    CenturyLink: 80% or more
•    Dish Network: 80% or more
•    Optimum Cable Vision: 70%-79%
���    Sprint Wireless: 70%-79%
•    ADT Security: 70%-79%
•    DirecTV: 70%-79%
•    AT&T: 60%-69%
•    Cox Communications: 60%-69%
•    Verizon Wireless: 60%-69%
•    Frontier: 50%-59%
•    Charter Spectrum: 50%-59%
•    RCN: 50%-59%

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