Netflix 30-day free trial Netflix 30-day free trial

There will be no more Netflix 30-day free trial

If platforms for watching movies at home were already a rising trend before the pandemic, the months of confinement and social distancing became much more bearable thanks to this possibility. At a time when the number of subscribers is growing daily, the company has announced a big change.

Netflix has made a major change as the streaming giant has stopped giving its 30-day free trials in the United States.

According to Fox Business, the company confirmed this change and explained that it is looking for different marketing strategies to attract new subscribers in the United States.

This major change could be anticipated, since free trials have been stopped in other countries in the last two years, with Mexico being the first country to have this option removed.

Netflix said the health crisis triggered by the coronavirus had nothing to do with the decision to stop free testing.

These free trials, however, weren't the only way to watch Netflix for free, as the company also operates the Netflix Watch Free site, where some of the biggest titles are offered at no charge, such as “Stranger Things, "" Grace and Frankie, "and" Bird Box. " It remains to be seen if this will continue.

On the other hand, Hulu, HBO Max, and CBS All Access all have weekly free trials, while Showtime and Amazon Prime Video offer a 30-day.

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