There is a shortage of toilet paper and cleaning products at some Walmart branches

As cases of Covid-19 increase nationwide, as happened at the beginning of the pandemic, there are beginning to be shortages of some products in supermarkets. What has Walmart said about this situation?

This Tuesday, the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, reported that some branches are registering massive purchases of products such as toilet paper and cleaning products, but he clarified that the company is now better prepared to guarantee supply.

"The recent increase in COVID-19 cases across the country reminds us to remain vigilant," said McMillon, during a talk with investors. "As we have done since the outbreak began, we will continue to be disciplined about security protocols in our stores, clubs, distribution, and fulfillment centers."

Given the increase in the number of cases, Walmart resumed over the weekend counting the number of customers entering its stores to make sure it had enough space to guarantee social distancing.

The world's largest retailer has not implemented a policy limiting purchases for customers, however, store managers have the authority to implement item limits based on their experience, to help maintain product availability, Delia García, spokeswoman for Walmart, said to CNN.

Other retailers such as Kroger, Giant and H-E-B have adjusted their policies by limiting the purchase of toilet paper and hand sanitizer products.

Companies such as Clorox, the world's largest manufacturer of cleaning products, have mentioned that consumers will continue to experience shortages of disinfectant wipes and other products in 2021 due to "overwhelming demand" during the coronavirus pandemic.

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