The weirdest robots you can find in stores and restaurants

Unlike what many people think, robots are becoming more and more common. You can even find them at grocery stores and restaurants! Take a look at the weirdest robots in the world.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a robot? It's probably an evil and creepy robot like the ones you see in sci-fi movies that are programmed to harm you.

However, robots aren't actually that creepy and are usually used to help humans in their work, like the ones that are destined for health or safety roles. There also are robots used to help costumers at retail stores or restaurants.

Check out the 10 most popular ones!

  1. Already known around the world, Softbank's humanoid Pepper robot is used in stores to help people keep social distance and increase safety during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  2. There's a robot "chef" at a restaurant in Hangzhou, China. Its work is to slice noodles in the kitchen and it has been designed to look like Ultraman, a Japanese anime character.
  1. You've probably seen a Bossa Nova robot at Walmart. Its role is to stock shelves and helps to keep track of the inventory.
  1. This fall you will find a special new member at White Castle restaurants: Flippy (image courtesy to Miso Robotics). It's a robot chef arm created by Miso Robotics, and it's typically used in stadiums and some restaurants.
  2. Fried chicken of the future? There's a KFC initiative in Russia known as "fast food of the future," which includes a fully-automated fried chicken preparation system.
  3. If carrying the bags from the grocery is getting harder for you, you'll probably be interested in Starship Technologies' sidecar-on-wheels robot! It's a food and grocery last-mile delivery method. Quite convenient, right?
  4. A great invention for those who are always looking for deals is the Promobot robot. Commonly seen in supermarkets in Moscow, Russia, this robot rolls around the stores and announce discounts and promotions.
  5. If you've ever gone to Stop and Shop and Giant Foods stores, you've probably seen a cute robot called Marty. Its job is to check the floors for spills and other hazards.
  6. Waiter robots are becoming quite common around the world. "Tete" is one of the stars in Qingdao, Chine, where he delivers food to customers and can even speak over 200 words.
  7.  Since 2019, the supermarket chain Giant Eagle has a new employee: Tally. It's a robot made by Simbe Robotics, which scans shelves to keep track of the stock in every aisle.

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