The ultimate guide to selling your jewelry online

Rings, earrings and necklaces won’t wear off with use and can still be sold at a very reasonable price. If you make luxury accessories or handmade designs, you can also post them on these platforms

Cash for Gold USA

This platform is the best one if you’re looking for a way to sell items made of gold, silver, or platinum. Whether it’s a broken necklace or silverware, you’ll find a fair valuation according to the material’s weight and purity. They even accept diamonds!

In Cash for Gold USA, there’s a team ready to appraise your items when they arrive through the platform’s safe and prepaid shipping. You’ll receive a valuation that you can choose to accept or turn down, in which case your jewelry or household goods will be shipped back to you.


In this online marketplace, you’ll be able to sell fine jewelry, watches, and designer clothing. Their experts will authenticate your items after receiving them, which can be done in different ways: you can ship your jewelry with a prepaid shipping label, drop it off in a Luxury Consignment Office, or make use of their free in-home pickup in 20 big cities.

TheRealReal’s team will take professional photos of your jewelry and they’ll post them for sale. If sold, you’ll receive 40% to 85% of the sale’s price.

I Do Now I Don’t

You can list your diamonds, jewelry, and watches for free on this platform. You only need to create a profile! Keep in mind that there’s a 10%-20% commission; the exact amount depends on the price at which your item is sold.

If you’re looking for more services, you can choose to pay a 25% commission and you’ll get the options to have your jewelry cleaned and photographed, as well as appraised and listed. Remember that I Do Now I Don’t includes insured shipping and free third-party appraisal.

WP Diamonds

In order to sell your jewelry, loose diamonds, or watches on WP Diamonds, you’ll first receive an information form where you’ll need to write down your items’ characteristics. This will be used by the platform to let you know a price range to consider.

In certain cities, you may be able to set an appointment, but you can also ship your items with the platform’s free and ensured shipping. After the appraisal, you’ll receive an offer, which will be transferred within the day if you accept it.

Some other options if you´re a jewelry artisan


This online e-commerce platform lets you build a professional jewelry sales website in a few simple steps. You can accept credit card payments online and profit from Shopify’s shipping benefits. It’s possible to get discounts on USPS shipping labels and tracking updates to keep your buyers updated! The basic plan costs $29 monthly, although you can upgrade it and receive detailed reports, third party shipping rates, and more staff accounts.


You’ll find many other creators here, each with their own products. You can join them simply by creating a profile and listing your items. After your jewelry’s sold, you won’t need to worry about processing the payment and looking for a shipping label. There’s a 50-items limit for free monthly, and keep in mind that eBay has a 10% fee on each sale.


If you’re worried that setting up an online store will be too difficult, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s a tutorial that will help you do it. It also informs you how to set up your listings, which cost 20 cents each. You can do this even though Etsy’s app! You’ll get shipping discounts as well, and you only have to pay a 5% transaction fee and 3% plus 25 cents to process the payment. You can also sell many other crafts on Etsy!

Facebook Marketplace

You probably know this social network and maybe even have an account on it. Did you know that it’s not only a great marketing tool but also an inexpensive selling platform? You can find many customers and you won’t be charged with any fees. On Facebook Marketplace, every listing is public.

Amazon Handmade

In order to verify that all products are handmade, you have to submit an application, which will let you access this great website. You’ll receive a custom URL where you’ll be able to list your jewelry for free. Keep in mind that Amazon Handmade charges a 15% fee on each product that’s sold.


This is considered one of the easiest platforms to use. Squarespace has modern and professional templates, which will make your website stand out. Through its integrated shipping companies, you’ll be able to easily accept payments and ship your jewelry. There are many different annual and monthly payment plans, some as low as $12 per month!

Do you want to sell other kinds of handicrafts?


This platform focuses on handmade-in-the-USA crafts, and its offer is divided into many categories: clothing, home & furnishing, handicrafts, paper goods, etc. You can post your recycled or repurposed vintage products. There’s no listing fee and the sales commission is 7% on all items.


IndieMade is a platform developed by artists for artists. In IndieMade, you'll find everything you need to make, market, and manage a creative website: store, image galleries, blog, calendar, marketing tools, web hosting, support, and much more. You'll find all the tools you need to create your own marketplace in the most attractive way to humans and search engines.


If your handcrafts are sold under your own brand, you may go directly to Storenvy and list your products. They gather a huge collection of indie brands. You can sell through a free online store host there called “hobbyist”, or choose between two paid plans: “Plus”, where you pay $14.99 per month and get plus custom social media blasts, a discounting feature that can help drive sales, and a custom domain for online stores; or “Pro”: for $29.99 per month, this plan includes everything that comes with the second-tier plan plus an automated discount feature that lets sellers send bulk discount offers to shoppers.


ArtFire is a smaller marketplace with three big categories of products: handmade goods, vintage goods (20 years and older), and craft supplies. You can choose between different plans and pay from $4.95 per month to list up to 250 items. There’s also the Featured Shop, where you can upload 2,500 items for $40 per month.


This is a multichannel option. This means that you can organize your listings and manage your sales on up to four different marketplaces. All the changes made on one channel will automatically be mirrored on the others, which can save you a lot of money. There’s a free trial for two weeks and then you can pay $5 monthly per platform to keep this centralized location. Keep in mind that there’s a required minimum of two platforms.

Do you want to know more platforms to sell your jewelry online? Read this article!

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