How to save money on grocery How to save money on grocery

Ultimate guide: How to save money on groceries

This is the guide you were waiting for! Follow these tips and learn how to save money at the grocery store!

There are a lot of tricks that may help you save money on a daily basis. You can shop cheaper without giving up healthy and good-quality meals.

Take a look at this guide and learn how to stick to your budget while visiting the grocery store.

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There’s an unavoidable task in every household: filling your fridge and pantry with food. The frequency in which you’ll run this errand depends mostly on the number of people living under the same roof. Before you go shopping make sure you’ve checked what’s left at home. Your grocery list should be written taking this into account since you don’t want to buy food that nobody eats. This is also a good way to prevent things from getting lost in the deeper shelves on the bottom of your pantry.

Not everybody pays attention to the big amount of coupons that are available online and in flyers. These can be offered by the store or the manufacturers. If you collect some coupons before shopping, you’ll most likely pay a lot less for your groceries. Another way to save money on certain products is to look for sales. Whether it’s a discount on a certain product or the possibility to buy one and get one for free, everything counts. You’ll find alerts of these sales in many store ads!

Try to stick to seasonal items. You’ll notice the difference mostly in fruits and vegetables and sometimes even in meat products. Each season offers good and healthy options to prepare your meals. You can find the same product several different prices that vary according to their brand or their packaging. This doesn’t necessarily mean that their quality is better just because it’s more expensive. There are many generic products that you can choose well-known brands and save a lot of money. This doesn’t mean that you’d be giving up its quality.

Tricks to save money at the groceries

It may not seem easy at first glance, but saving money when you’re grocery shopping can be a simple task. This includes discipline and self-conscience, but these tips might do the trick! Supermarkets were designed to make you buy more than what you need. They mostly don’t have any windows so you’ll lose track of time; they keep rearranging their shelves so you have to walk through every aisle looking for what’s on your list. Of course, you end up spending more than what you’d originally planned…

Don’t be afraid! Realizing that you’re buying over your original budget is the first step into changing this behavior. Saving money can be easier once you’ve implemented these tips:

Set up a budget

A weekly or monthly budget can help you see groceries differently. Something that catches your eye can be easily ruled out if it’s out of the planned amount to spend. It’s important to set a reasonable budget that you can follow when you’re shopping.

Shop with peace

When you’re in a hurry or when there are a lot of people in the store, the first response is usually to buy whatever’s close to the exit and get it done as fast as you can. However, this is extremely hard on your wallet. This is why you should save some time of your week or month and shop without any external pressures. That includes going when the place isn’t too crowded.

Stick to the list

Every store is filled with temptations of extra products to buy. Walking through the candy aisle can be irresistible for some people, but you should stick to your list! Trust that you’re buying what you need and don’t even blink when there’s an item on sale that you weren’t even close to buying in the first place. Remember that it’s still costing you money, even if it’s a BOGO!

Write down what you’ve spent

Once you’ve finished shopping you should grab the purchase receipt and take a closer look at what you’ve bought. This will help you keep track of what you’re spending your money on, as well as how much money you’ve got left.

Make use of your freezer

Frozen fruits and veggies are usually cheaper and the quality is just as good as the fresh ones. You can stock some in your freezer, and keep them accessible when you want to make a dessert or home-made jam. Don't forget to check the frozen aisle when you go to the supermarket and grab every sale you find!

Freeze fresh fruits

When fruits are at peak season, take advantage of their lower prices. You can buy in bulk and freeze them in small pieces. To do this, you just need to wash them and put them in separate bags. Don't forget to label them!

Use online coupons

Nowadays, you can easily find coupons direct from your smartphone. There are also many money-saving apps that provide cashback for your purchases. You can search on your store’s website if they offer some digital coupons of the day. Read this article if you want to become an Extreme Couponer!

Avoid pre-packaged meat

There are lots of easy recipes to cook meat, so don't be afraid to stop buying pre-cooked meals and start cooking at home. You should go to the butchery to find better prices than in supermarkets. If you buy exactly what you need, you won't waste any leftovers!

Buy bulk dry items

All you need to do this is some free space in your pantry. Surely, there are some items that your family always consumes. You can look at online wholesaler grocery stores to find discounts and sign up for newsletters and notifications in order to make the most of sales. You'll always get better deals if you buy non-perishable products in bulk.

Look for double ad days

A double ad day is the day of the week when grocery stores print sales. These are usually mid-week days, and you can take advantage of them if you can plan your meals and you know exactly what to purchase these specific days.

The key to planning your meals

If you look at your monthly household expenses, you’ll notice that a big part of the money is spent on grocery shopping. Since these costs can’t be avoided because everyone has to eat, there are other ways to save some money.

The key is to know what you need to buy. By carefully planning every meal of the week you’d be able to make a grocery list that includes the necessary items for your household. Organizing what you’ll eat in advance will keep you from buying things you don’t need while still making sure you’ll be able to prepare all meals with what you’re buying.

emeals is only one example of all the available platforms out there that help you plan your meals in advance. Some of these require a monthly fee, but some people find their advantages to be worth paying for.

When organizing meals is also important to know who you’ll be cooking for. Maybe you’ll have to prepare a meal for your kid to take to school or dinner when your family’s in town. Knowing this will help you buy the right amount of food- nothing more, nothing less!

In order to accurately predict what needs to be bought and who’ll be eating the meals, communication is key. If two members of the household buy vegetables at the same time, you’ll end up with a ton of them, some of which may rot and go to waste. Likewise, if someone has take-out for dinner their portion would’ve been prepared for nothing.

Being organized takes time and dedication. It may not appear as natural at first, but once you notice the difference it makes on the household expenses you won’t want to go back!

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