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The new iPhones will no longer come with headphones or a charging hub

On Tuesday, October 13, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 12 line at a virtual event, tagged ‘the most significant iPhone event in years’, and announced changes in an effort to less affect the environment.

Apple will no longer include its pair of wired headphones or a power adapter with the new iPhones 12, as the smartphones will only come with a USB-C to Lightning cable for charging.

You'll need to purchase a separate $ 19 USB-C charger if you want to use the cable in the box, though you can still charge your phone with any old iPhone charger with a Lightning connector.

Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president for environmental policy and social initiatives, said Tuesday that many customers already have Apple's wired headphones and charging chargers.

The headphones will cost another $ 19 if you don't have a pair or if you don't use the wireless Airpods.

The elimination of accessories, says Apple, will use fewer raw materials and thinner packaging and is part of the company's effort to reduce 100% of carbon emissions by 2030.

“The changes we have made for the iPhone 12 reduce more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions a year. It's like taking 450,000 cars off the road a year, ”Jackson said during the iPhone 12 presentation.

CNET noted that the move could also be a way to offset the costs of including 5G support, which typically drives up phone prices even higher.

Critics of Apple, however,  said the company is using the environment as an excuse to increase margins and lower shipping costs since Apple did not lower prices on its iPhone.

The presentation of the new smartphones came less than a month after Apple introduced its new line of Apple Watch Series 6.

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