The coolest apps to sell your stuff online The coolest apps to sell your stuff online

The coolest apps to sell your stuff online

Whether you're moving out, decluttering your wardrobe or rearranging your furniture, you'll find a lot of things that you don´t need anymore. Why not make some extra money from them? 

Facebook Marketplace is a big community with a lot of potential buyers. You´ll be required to sign up with a Facebook account, and from then on, you can publish your stuff on your personal wall and in different groups. When somebody wants to get in touch with you, you´ll receive a notification through the Messenger app. You can choose whether doing the transaction in cash when you give your product away, or to do it previously online. 

Letgo is an app with a place for big used stuff, for example, to sell used cars. You can offer your furniture, clothes, electronics and even any service that you can provide, like pet grooming or lawn care. In Letgo buyers and sellers are scored by their partners about their buying experience, so you can also check other people's backgrounds before closing a deal.  

OfferUp is a very popular app and it helps to sell items locally. You can post your item with a photo and a description and suggest a price. You will get messages from peoples nearby with offers and you can negotiate until you get what you want. 

CPlus for Craiglist publishes a wide range of garage sales, car sales, and all types of classifieds. If you want to sell anything by posting a photo and description easily from your device. You can get also alerts if you´re looking for something to buy, to catch up with the latest in real-time. 

Poshmark is the ideal app to post second-hand clothes. If you keep your clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses,  in good condition, you can sell them through this app. They provide also a printable shipping label to make it easier to send the piece to your customer. For any sales over $15, Poshmark takes 20% of the profit and you get 80%. It´s worth it!

You can sell your used stuff in more than one app at the same time. Be sure to mark them as sold when you close a deal. It's not recommended to maintain something on sale when you can't longer deliver it, because it can hurt your buyer's score. That being said, make the most of the online selling!

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