The complete guide to getting a dental loan

Going to the dentist can be very expensive, but sometimes there’s no other choice. Dental insurance will cover some costs, but what if you need a procedure that is not covered?

A dental loan is an answer when you need help financing a dental procedure. It applies both for medical procedures and cosmetic procedures. As these loans are unsecured, they will be based on your credit history.

According to the American Dental Association, 40% of adults who avoid going to the dentist state that they do because of the cost. Of course, not getting dental care in time might lead to bigger —and more expensive problems.

How to apply for a dental loan?

Getting a dental loan is similar to getting a personal loan. You will need to complete a form indicating how much money you want to get and the lender will do a hard check on your credit record to determine whether you get approved or not, and what are the conditions. Once approved, you will be given different payment options: monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. The limit of your loan will be subject to the type of work you need.

You can apply for a loan for almost every work performed by a dental professional, for example, wisdom tooth removal, root canals, cavity fillings, crowns and bridges, gum surgery, dental procedure following an accident, braces, retainers or dentures, teeth whitening, and any other dental service you might need that you can’t afford to pay upfront.

Before applying for a loan, shop around to see what the options are. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you know the interest rate and the general conditions of the loan. Also, check-in advance to determine how long it will be before you can access the money, so you can plan the procedure accordingly. 

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