The Dos and Don'ts of travel points cash-ins The Dos and Don'ts of travel points cash-ins

The Dos and Don'ts of travel points cash-ins

With a travel credit card, you can earn points for every purchase that you make. Afterward, you can redeem them for certain products or services. Which redemptions make the most sense?

When you want to cash in miles or points, you'll want to make the most of them. The higher the amount of money you receive per point in value in the moment of redemption, the better. This means that you'll raise the value of your points and miles when purchasing certain products or services, because you'll get more benefits for each point you cash in.


Use your travel rewards for travel! They were intended to be used this way for a reason. Some high-value redemptions will give you up to two cents per point or mile in value from airline miles or hotel points.

You can get many different travel-related rewards by cashing in airline miles and hotel points. These will help you save money on your next holidays or trips, as you can end up paying less for flights and hotel stays. You can even receive flexible travel credit!

Start building your vacation fund!


However, it's best not to mix up redemption options with the original rewards purposes. For example, cashing in airline miles for hotels will give you less value in return than redeeming hotel points for this purpose. If you can wait to use these miles on your next trip instead of a free hotel stay, you'll get a higher redemption value.

Some airline transfers can also lower your points' value. Since not all point transfers are equal, there are cases where you won't receive the usual 1:1 transfer ratio. If you have a program like that, which will give you less than two cents per point in value, it may be better to use the points for another travel partner.

It's also recommended to stay away from products like merchandise, gift cards, or magazine subscriptions. The first two will give you usually less than one cent per point in value at the moment of redemption, which is a very bad deal. In essence, you'll be paying much more money for them than if you simply bought them at a store. With magazine subscriptions, you can get a higher value in return, although it's still not a sensible choice.

There are also ways to travel while staying at home!

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