Halloween desserts Halloween desserts

The 6 most delicious and affordable Halloween desserts

Frightening and yummy!

A dessert is just essential in a dinner party, whether you invited a whole group of adults or you have your house full of kids, all of them will be craving for a dessert. With these 6 ideas for Halloween treats you're going to be the star of the evening.

1-Poison apple cake

Minimalist and elegant, this “poisonous” apple cake is perfect for a dinner party for adults, they would die for it, not literally...
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2-Pumpkin Doughnuts With Hot Cocoa Glaze

Doughnuts aren’t exclusively for breakfast anymore. These pumpkin doughnuts are topped with a hot cocoa glaze and flakes of chocolate and pecan will leave everyone open-mouthed.
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3-Halloween Candy Bark

If you really need to get sweeter and sweeter, this is the cake for you. With this colorful, fun to make bark filled with white chocolate and sprinkles, everyone will be delighted.
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4-Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes

Bloody desserts are the best desserts, this classic red velvet cupcakes get a scary twist with an added dose of raspberry coulis inside and out. Halloween’s gonna get started with these cupcakes.
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5- Boozy Pumpkin Milkshake

Finished off with a graham cracker rim and caramel drizzle, this bourbon pumpkin milkshake is the ultimate Halloween treat for adults.
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6-Day of the Dead Candy Party Tray

Don’t want to bake? That's perfect. With this tutorial, you get an easy candy display for your Halloween party dessert table that kids and adults will totally adore.
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