English breakfast recipe English breakfast recipe

Take a trip with a full English breakfast, try this homemade recipe!

Adam Garratt's channel: My channel is all about food, as you can probably guess. I am completely self taught, with no formal catering qualifications or fancy michelin stars. Food is my passion, my life and my hobby.

About the video:

"The full English breakfast is a national favourite. With variations across Scotland, wales and Ireland. It has become ingrained in our culture and is a magnificent weekend breakfast... If done correctly.

There seems to be a trend with the full English breakfast, that in some establishments, it's seen as an after thought. You'll know these places, they are cheap chain pubs and hotels and dubious cafes. Boring crap sausages, watery bacon, insipid cheap beans and eggs that have seen better days. We've all experienced a bad Full English Breakfast, so in this video i'm going to show you how to make it properly, my way.

Now, there are many ways to enjoy this wonderful breakfast. You can add mushrooms, fried bread, you could switch out the fried eggs for scrambled or poached. But there must be be bacon and good English sausages. The sausage to me, makes or breaks the full English breakfast, so make sure to spend money on getting good quality ones.

To make a full English breakfast for one you will need:

Optional extras if you want them:

Serve up with a big mug of tea, and sauces such as ketchup and/or brown sauce (HP or Daddies)"

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