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Taco Bell launches the least expected product

At a time when fast-food chains are adjusting their menus and stores to accommodate their customers' new consumer habits, Taco Bell has just made an announcement that no one expected.  

Taco Bell, which offers countless Mexican snacks, has surprised everyone with the launch of its own brand of red wine.

The Mexican food chain is making its debut in this type of product with its red wine, Jalapeño Noir, with which you can accompany the chalupas and tacos.

At the moment, the drink, which is produced in an Ontario vineyard, is available for a limited time in Canada, as reported by CNN.

Taco Bell Canada said in a statement that the wine - with hints of wild strawberry, cherry, and beet flavors - should be sipped while eating a Toasted Cheesy Chalupa.

The bottle is priced at $ 25 Canadian, which is about $ 19. If you really want to try this wine and can't wait for it to be sold in the United States, you can purchase it from the Taco Bell Canada website.

The wine is not yet sold in the United States because the Toasted Cheesy Chalupa has yet to be launched, but this dish will begin to be sold in the country in November and is expected to be launched alongside the Jalapeño Noir.

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