Southwest Will Continue Blocking Middle Seats Southwest Will Continue Blocking Middle Seats

Southwest Will Continue Blocking Middle Seats Through November 30

If there is one industry that has been hit by the covid-19 pandemic, it has been tourism and passenger transport. Despite the resistance to travel that many may feel due to the fear of getting infected, the airlines are taking measures to make consumers feel safe traveling again.

Long before all of this started, and coronavirus forced us to keep a six-foot distance, most people preferred not to sit in the middle seat, so the measure that Southwest has extended can be a joy to most passengers.

While certain airlines have already opened full booking, Southwest is joining the likes of Delta and JetBlue by extending its blocked middle seat policy through November 30. 

The policy was originally set to expire at the end of October, but now, it'll last long enough to impact Thanksgiving flights.

"As we transition into autumn and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season, we want Southwest customers to have the confidence of knowing that middle seats will remain open through Nov. 30 to accommodate their fall travel plans," said senior vice president and chief marketing officer Ryan Green. "Southwest has been operating flights with middle seats open throughout the summer and has added thousands of flights to in-demand destinations to provide extra seats for on-board physical distancing and added comfort."

The airline is also remaining committed to its Southwest Promise program, a public safety initiative that requires face masks to be worn at all times, strict sanitation efforts, as well as special boarding procedures to promote social distancing.

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