Social media's FOMO makes you spend more money

The Fear Of Missing Out is a new type of anxiety caused mainly by social media. Unconsciously, it makes you spend money on things that you don’t actually need.

You can’t scroll through any social media without being bombarded with pictures of products to buy, places to visit or experiences to live. Even when you look at your feed, all you’ll see are posts of the people you know eating out, going to the movies or redecorating their homes. This could tempt you to follow their lead and spend your money on the same things.

It’s up to you to feel overwhelmed by those or keep a cool head in this situation. It may not seem easy, but following this advice could help you control your spending impulses.

Take control of your feed

Firstly, notice that most of the pictures and videos you see on social media lay on your feed. you’ll find there what the people you follow are posting, amongst other content that you may like, according to the website’s cookies. The key to control it is to fill it with healthy posts that don’t encourage or tempt you to spend money on unnecessary items. Secondly, you’ll need to get rid of those posts that do this by unfollowing their accounts and maybe even blocking the content on the network’s settings.

Cut the time spent on social media

It’s logical that the more time you spend browsing on the internet, the more things you’ll see and the bigger the temptation will be to buy stuff and to keep looking for more. To avoid this vicious cycle you have to schedule the time you spend on your social media. Some easy ways to achieve this are simply removing the apps from your home screen or even deleting them. However, you can also download apps that can help you in the fight, like Offtime or Moment. They’ll block your social media and help you reduce your usage!

Stay realistic

A big step to make is to approach each post from a different perspective. Instead of looking at the perfect picture of a fancy meal at a luxury restaurant and immediately burn with jealousy, think about what’s behind it: incredibly high credit card bill, no more savings and all of this just for a nice picture and a few bites. Ask yourself if it’s really worth it, and you’ll see how the answer’s negative most of the time. This mindset can help you avoid temptations and impulsive spendings.

Look at the bigger picture

Another thought to hold on to is that many happy memories aren’t posted on social media and don’t include big, expensive meals or an exclusive trip to another country. You don’t need everything you see on social media to be happy! Going on a walk to the park or spending a nice afternoon with your family can be both fulfilling and free.

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