Smart tips to sell your furniture online

There are some aspects to take into consideration when selling furniture, home decor, or art online. Here there are some little tricks that'll help you make the most of these sales.

Nowadays, garage sales and classified advertisements are replaced by online marketplaces. These allow high visibility since buyers can see your products at any time or place when they’re looking for stuff to purchase. If you list your stuff wisely, you may make some interesting sales. 

First of all, you should take a good look at what you’d like to sell. It has to be in good condition, and sometimes you can fix little details to improve its shape. You should clean your stuff the best way you can. For example, in case of soft furniture, use the vacuum between the cushions to remove all dust, crumbs, etc. 

Now, take your time to capture good photos. You can make various shots from different points of view according to the details that you'd like to highlight. Try to use natural light to have clear pictures. If there are any scratches or imperfections, take a close-up picture in order to be honest with your potential buyers. 

Write an accurate description of each item, trying to give all the details that you can. Include how old it is and all its measures: length, width, height. Pick keywords to potential online searches.

There are a lot of marketplaces. Some include multiple furniture and decor categories, and others are more specific. Look into their fees and rates in order to pick the best for each of your items. 

Always remember to stay honest. You may be asked to give further information about your items by chat or mail. Don't hide any information in order to make the sale. Your online reputation is public and you should receive only good reviews.

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