Saving on meals: Domino’s Three-Topping Pizza or 10 Wings for $7.99 right now!

Saving on meals: Domino’s Three-Topping Pizza or 10 Wings for $7.99 right now!

For the last year, many of us have been struggling with everyday expenses and sticking to a tight budget to get through the crisis. If now that things are slowly getting back to normal, you want to treat yourself to a night off cooking, but you don’t spend too much, there is a deal at Domino’s that you won’t want to miss.

Summer is almost here, the great number of people getting vaccinated every day is slowly bringing back our normal life, and eating cheaper pizza at home is a great way to celebrate the good news.

Pizza night is always a great plan to enjoy with family and friends, and now that we can all get together again, Domino’s ongoing offer is a great option!

Order one deal or both and enjoy a night off cooking!

The popular pizza chain has two promotions every day that you should take advantage of now that social distance is no longer a must and face masks have finally been dropped by most.

The first deal gets you three-topping pizzas for just $7.99 each at participating locations, and according to Domino’s website, the regular price of a large pizza with three toppings is more than $15, so it’s quite a big discount.

Also, for a limited time, the carryout special includes 10-piece wings (regular or boneless) for another $7.99.

To get the Domino’s $7.99 special on a Large 3 Topping or a 10 piece order of Wings, ask for it on the phone, or just place your order online.  The offer is for carry-out only, so simply order and pick it up

Buy a pizza and add an order of wings for a more “well-rounded” meal

With no limit, it’s the perfect excuse for an office pizza party if you’re back at work, or a family feast at home.  

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