Save money with your internet service provider

Save money with your internet service provider

Take a look at your monthly expenses and check particularly the internet bill. Too high for a terrible service? Then you need to read this guide to save money with your internet provider!

One of the biggest problems in every household is internet service. Most of the people are currently paying extremely expensive internet bills for terrible service.

So, why should you keep losing money for this service?

Check this guide and learn how you can save money with your internet service provider.

Negotiate to save money 

While in other countries the internet costs an average of $30 per month, Americans pay around $65 per month for broadband service. That's quite a number!

Nevertheless, there are many ways to save money on this service.

The best thing to do is to negotiate with your current internet service provider (ISP) and analyze the other options offered in your area. Negotiating may imply threatening to change the provider and sometimes actually doing it.

If you are set to negotiate, bear in mind that the ISP's strategy is to convince you to "upsell" your service. This means that although you may be calling to negotiate a better and less expensive service, the provider's representative can tell you it's way better to go for a bundle that includes cable and phone.

However, if you want to save money you need to avoid buying another service you don't need. Besides, although it may seem a deal at first, you will end up paying double for services you didn't want!

Another thing you should bear in mind before you start negotiating is the kind of speed you need. You will probably be tempted to pay a bit more for an extra fast internet, but do you actually need it?

Be wise and decide the speed you need according to what you do online. Take these specialists' tips into account:

Bear in mind that these are the speeds required for one connection. If you have several people surfing the web or playing videogames at the same time, you will need at least a 12 Mbps service.

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