Save money when you switch devices

Save money when you switch devices

There are always new models in the market, but you don’t need to pay enormous amounts to update your devices. On the other hand, you can sell your used gadgets and cover some of the costs. Keep on reading to find out how to save money when you switch devices.

1. Keep an eye on the calendar

If you are not in a hurry, you can wait until certain dates where the market usually offers important discounts. These can be certain holidays, such as Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, or some unofficial ones like Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Start writing your wish list and simply wait for these offers to show up!

2. Consider refurbished devices

These products are those which have been restored by the manufacturers themselves. Even though they are fixed in order to work properly and were never used by any customers, they are sold at a lower price. You can purchase these alternative items in the same stores as you’d buy the full-priced ones.

Keep`an eye on the calendar!

3. Ask for display items

When you walk into the Technology Section of a store, there are many devices displayed for the customers to try them out. You can ask to buy one of these, which usually carries a significant discount. They may have some small scratches or don’t look as new as the ones in boxes, but the important part is that they work properly. Make sure you also receive the accessories that originally go with your device!

4. Open-box products

Many stores have a return policy that allows customers to send back the products they’ve bought. There’s a time limit that varies in each store, but it’s usually a short period of time. Some people simply regret having purchased said items and the stores can’t resell open-box products for the full-price. This can be the perfect opportunity if you’re looking for a big discount!

5. Older models are also a good option

The Tech industry is very competitive and each brand is always releasing newer models. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need them. There are almost no differences between the performance of the newest Samsung Smartphone and its former model. However, the price varies significantly.

6. Other tips

As far as accessories are concerned, you don’t need to buy the best ones in the market. Mid-range products can work as well as them and cost less. Another additional and likely unnecessary cost you can save is the extra warranty. It’s advisable to buy a product from a trustable brand and avoid paying for an extended warranty.

Make the best out of your used smartphone!

Tips to make the best sale of your used smartphone 

Now that you're updating your device, take into account that there’s somebody out there who's looking for a model like your current one. Your used phone can become a new phone for another person. Why not sell it? Every time you buy a new device, it's recommended to keep the original packaging and manual. It can happen that it's still under warranty when you decide to upgrade it and buy another one. If this is your situation, and your phone's in good shape, you can make a profitable sale.

There are many options to buy electronics online. You'll be asked to post a good picture, a description and you can add its accessories in order to make the offer more attractive. This includes a case, headphones, battery charger, hand-free microphone, etc. Before selling your phone, you'll have to follow some steps to protect your personal data and your phone line. Firstly, you should disconnect it from other devices, for example, through the phone’s Bluetooth settings.

After that, you should leave it free of personal files, photos, calendars, contact numbers, etc. Before erasing all this information that took you months or years to file, make sure you have a backup for each item. Some device providers have their own cloud storage system and it does this hard work automatically. In other cases, you have to do manually by linking your phone with Google Drive, or Dropbox, etc. 

Now it's time to reset your device to factory settings. That means, it’ll look like it was never used. This is the only way to make sure that your personal data isn't linked with your phone anymore. Leaving some of it can turn into a big risk when it comes to identity theft.

Finally, you can start looking at different marketplaces at how much other people are asking for cell phones like yours. If it's a relatively new model and name-branded device, it's highly probable that you’ll sell it for a good price. Do you want to know where to find the best cell phone plans? Don´t miss this article!

Where to sell your phone for the most money?

Where to sell your phone for the most money?

The only specific requirement that you've to take into consideration is that your phone has to be in good condition and fully functional. Gather all its accessories, original packaging -if you kept it- and start publishing it online! You should also take some precautions before shipping your used phone. Here are some marketplaces where you may find your buyer:


This platform is free to use, so you can post anything you'd like to sell. Just take a good picture, write down your phone's brand, model, and add a price. Once you get an offer, you can meet with your buyer and exchange their cash for your phone. As it's a face-to-face meeting, be sure that you've been honest in your description. If you didn't mention a scratch, for example, they may decline the offer.

Facebook Marketplace

You can sell through your personal Facebook account, or you can go to Facebook Marketplace and upload your item for free. You can start with a price a little higher than the average of second-hand phones and wait for an offer. If days go by and nothing happens, you can revalue it. Once your device is sold, you'll meet in-person to close the deal. 


You can start with the platform or download the app. Just type in the item and the system will offer you several results. Find your brand and click “sell”. Next, pick your phone’s model, and describe the condition. When it’s done, hit the “Sell to Decluttr” button and see how high the offer is. If it's ok for you, ask for a prepaid mailing label for you to print so you can ship your items for free.


Like Decluttr, Gazelle is an online selling site where you can look for a quote for your second-hand phone. If you accept their offer, you can ship the item for free with a prepaid mailing label. Once they've received it and they've verified your phone’s condition, you’ll get paid via Amazon gift card, PayPal, or check.


To sell in this marketplace, you have to be sure that your device looks like it’s brand new: it should have an intact screen, nothing damaged, and work properly. You can list it for free and once you find a buyer, you'll be asked to ship them the device. You'll get your payment vía PayPal. Be aware that buyers can demand refunds if the phone isn't exactly what you've described, and your payment will be automatically canceled.

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