Save money today with these special offers!

Walgreens has a variety of options, including razors, lip balms, lotions, and more, all of which would make great gifts for teens, men, friends, and coworkers.

Score some great gifts at Walgreens today! Christmas shopping is in full swing today at Walgreens where you can snag gift sets for as low as $10.

Plus, you can text UNLOCK to 41456 to discover a personalized Mystery coupon. Also, if you’d prefer to pick up your order, you can grab 10% off your purchase of $25 or more with promo code PICKUP10 at checkout.

Check out these prices:

Bulldog Original Grooming Starter Kit Gift Set for Men: Only $10

Joy Women’s Razor Holiday Gift Set: Only $15

Old Spice Holiday Pack: Only $10

Secret Don’t Sweat the Holidays Gift Set: Only $10

King C Gillette Holiday Gift Pack: Only $15

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