Save money by taking better care of your clothes Save money by taking better care of your clothes

Save money by taking better care of your clothes

Instead of spending a lot of money in renewing your wardrobe every season, learn how to make the most of those that you already own. Here are a few tricks!

Think twice before deciding to go shopping and renew your wardrobe. If your only reason is that your current clothes are “dull and neglected”, there are a few ways to keep your clothes always looking as good as new.

You should always follow the label’s washing instructions. Most of the time, you can safely put them in your washer and dryer. However, some exceptions require dry-cleaning. If so, you should take them to the dry cleaner or buy some home dry-cleaning kits. This way, your clothes will last for longer.

Before tossing your clothes to the washer and dryer, keep a few things in mind. All zippers should be zipped so that they won’t tear other clothes apart. You should also empty all pockets. A loose dime can do a lot of damage to your machines!

Another important step is to carefully store your clothes. Fold them, take them off their dry-cleaning bags, and hang them. Avoid overstuffing your drawers and consider buying some cushioned hangers.

If the damage is already done, consider fixing the items instead of buying new ones. Small fixings like a loose button can be easily done. You just need a sewing kit, which you can buy for only a few bucks. Bigger issues can be taken care of by a tailor or cobbler. Paying for these is way cheaper than buying new clothes altogether.

Finally, if you dare, you can even reinvent your wardrobe! It’s possible to turn jeans into shorts and long-sleeved t-shirts into tank-tops. You can renew their style by adding some patches or painting some details.

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