Save as much money on food as you can

Tips for saving money, food edition.

As we mention in the previous version of this note,  as long as we make small cuts in all type of expenses, we will notice an increase in our money funds. 

One of the most important inversions of money we have, is the food. Can never be missing and, let's be honest, we are usually attracted to nutritious meals and that's always a plus.

In this note, I'll tell you some ways to maintain these purchases down:

1. Keep your monthly accounts: You must have control of the figure of your earnings and expenses, and is better if you do it each month. So every time you go shopping, you already have an idea of how much you should spend, and consider it should be the same, or less.

2. Buy the food when they are at their best price: Prices can vary depending on the season, so you should take advantage of this and buy as much of a product as possible when it is at a lower price, and keep it in storage if you can.

3. Don't go to shop too often: The less time you spend in the store, the less you're tempted to buy staff, and we talk about the things you haven't planned to buy but you desire them the moment you see them.

4. Buy any kind of food you can, in bulk: If you do the math, you'll be surprised of how much you save with the bulk prices. Of course if depends on the space you have to store your food. 

5. Make a list before you go shopping: If you make a list (and stick to it) you'll notice you are saving a lot of money by stop buying things that sometimes can be considered unnecessary.

Make your monthly plan, do your maths and you will notice how much you'll be saving by applying these methods!

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